When you’re in a bad place and faced with making a creative decision or a destructive one- make a creative decision.

Paint a picture, take some photos of nature, get a tattoo, go for a walk. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt anyone else.

I know colouring books are insanely popular right now. Grab a couple and scribble to your heart’s content.

If you have some hurt, I would recommend writing about it. I can feel each burden lifting from my shoulders as I hit post. Even if you don’t want to write publicly then have a journal (or even a post-it note) that you can write on. Then screw it up and chuck it in the bin.

I grew up with a lot of hurt. I could say that because of my alcoholic abusive father, I can’t trust men anymore. I could say because of my cruel ex-friend that I can’t trust women anymore.

Or I can turn those experiences around. I can say that I know how to look for the goodness in men because I’ve seen the darkness. I can say that I now know that abusive people are drawn towards those who have been abused. I know how to move away from toxic people. I know from the many, MANY women that have contacted me* that I am not alone in how I was treated by that ex-friend.

Make the creative decision. You’ll feel better.





* Some of these women I haven’t even met before. So, you could say that all these people are jealous haters or that one person is a shit cunt.


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