Insane thoughts that I have that I can’t tell my boyfriend

Once in a while some thoughts pop into my head. These thoughts are too crazy to share with my boyfriend. Because if I do, he’ll look at me with a confused look on his face as he tries to silently scream.

So since I can’t share these thoughts with him, I thought I’d share them with the Internet. Sssh, don’t tell him.

  • That he would be a good father. Obviously not as a father to me. That would be weird. I know I was desperate for father figures when I was growing up but I managed alright with my foster dads Homer Simpson and Robin Williams.
    And clearly not as a father to my children. That’s insane to think that! Who would think that one year into a relationship? Not me, that’s for sure. I take my birth control on the dot! Except for that one or five times I forgot…
    Although I wouldn’t want him to father someone else’s children. That makes me sad just to think about it.
    BUT I think he would be a good father to nameless, parentless children that just popped out of nowhere.
  • Does he like having sex with the lights off because seeing me naked under bright lights is a form of birth control in itself?
  • What if he’s only dating me because he has bad taste in women?
  • What if I’m only dating him because I have bad taste in men?
  • Why does everything feel so easy with him when everything in my life has been a struggle?
  • What does it feel like to only cum once during sex?


You see now why I can’t tell him these things?


Please reassure me. Do you have similar crazy thoughts that you can’t tell your partner?



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