Beware of the friend in expert’s clothing.

Why you should always side eye people trying to “help you” lose weight if it helps them make money.

Always be skeptical.


So, you’re scrolling through your newsfeed and you see someone that you went to high school with is promoting some weight loss product. Not only that, but they’re promoting their amazing new lifestyle because selling this product is making them all of the money in the world. Sounds amazing, right? What is suss about that?

A little while later you see a message pop up in your inbox from that Facebook friend. They want to catch up with you. Isn’t that sweet?

And then you meet with them and the sales pitch starts. And you start to feel a bit uncomfortable. You wonder if they’re just using their friendship with you in order to make a sale.

Well, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

They push the quick sale. Sign up now, don’t even think about it! What’s there to think about? Don’t go home and research it- just sign up NOW NOW NOW.

Be skeptical. Go home and research.

They say that there are no nutrients left in plants anymore. But they also said that their products are natural and made from plants and full of nutrients that isn’t in food anymore! That’s a bit weird.

They say their products flush out toxins and yet they can’t name a single fucking toxin.

They say they’re making thousands upon thousands of dollars a month but they live at home with their mum and drive their mum’s car. Why would they do that?

They try to give you a meal plan that consists mainly of meal replacement shakes but they’re not doctors nor do they know anything about nutrition. In fact, all they know about nutrition is the sales pitch that they’ve learnt.

Their products don’t have any unbiased studies to back them up.

So you politely say no. Because you’ve actually done your research. And when that friend realises that they can’t make money off you- then they’re not your friend anymore.


Look, I understand why these products and programs can be appealing.

I’ve been in that spot before. Where you’re so big, you’re so tired and you don’t know the first thing about exercise. You’re embarrassed to be that size. It’s hard to ask for help.

But when you’re ready to take that step, just know that you CAN do it yourself. You don’t need some shitty overpriced shake or wrap. You honestly don’t.

I have lost 46kgs without weight loss surgery and without shitty MLM companies.

I have had people try to pitch their shitty company to me and I have politely declined each time. I have had people from these companies ask if they can use my weight loss progress pictures when they knew full well that I had never touched their products.

I have felt that pressure. That “sign up. NOW NOW NOW!” pressure. Because they don’t want you to go away and think about it. They don’t want you to research it. Maybe I have a high bullshit sense. Maybe I just don’t like being pressured like that. But I’m thankful that for whatever reason, I said no.

Or, maybe it’s because I saw behind the curtains.

That girl with the amazingly popping abs? She achieved that through the diet shakes that she sells on Facebook! Or, maybe not. People saw the beautiful selfies. What they didn’t see was a massive coke head.

The girl who said she could quit her full time job because of these companies? Well, she got fired from her casual job and lived with her mother so she didn’t have to worry about paying rent or bills.

I saw people who jumped from shitty company to shitty company to try to make some money off other people. I saw that they had no knowledge of exercise and nutrition. But I saw them pretend to. I saw them sell diet shakes and squawk about how people don’t NEED to exercise to lose weight! Well, maybe people don’t need to exercise to lose weight. But let’s not fucking pretend that there is no reason to exercise ever.

Then there were the people that said their shakes cured Type 1 diabetes and autism. As someone who has two brothers with autism, let me sum this up for you- if diet shakes cured your kid’s autism then your kid wasn’t fucking autistic in the first place. And how fucking dare you prey on vulnerable people, desperate for some help. Fuck you, you’re a piece of shit. Don’t ever think that you’re not a piece of shit.

People who claimed that because of these products, they were alcohol free, coffee free, drinking water for the first time in their life and have never felt so clear headed! Well, come on, if you’ve stopped eating and drinking crap then give yourself some credit. And it’s the water and lack of crap that’s making you feel good.


Let’s be real, if these products cured obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, anything and fucking everything then they wouldn’t be sold on Facebook by that dickhead friend that you should have unfriended long ago. These products would get approved for treatment and make billions of dollars.

If those shitty Facebook pushers actually wanted to help people instead of themselves- they’d offer to make breakfast at disadvantaged schools so kids wouldn’t go without a decent breakfast, they’d tell their friends to look inwards and ask why they’re addicted to processed food, they’d help people learn how to make healthy and fillings meal instead of relying on shakes. They don’t care.

They care about your money but they don’t care about you.

They’re sneaky as fuck. They’ll sell diet shakes and run around saying that their company is about lifestyle changes and not meal replacements. They know how to trick people. They know how to sell.

There is no one size fits all for health. What works for me might not work for someone with PCOS. But we can work together to try to find something to help one another. We can work on it together. In the end, learning how to be healthy is going to be better for you in the long run than popping multiple pills and doing cleanses. Learn how to treat your body right.

You don’t need them.

You can do it.


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